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Kill the abominations. Deep within the Myagin mines, monsters have appeared consuming the very crystals that are paramount to the wealth of the country. Consuming these crystals have made the monsters grow gem-like appendages creating an even bigger threat than normal ogres and trolls. To make things even worse, a Lich has decided to assist in this scourge. Devastated, the mining village called upon a lone mercenary to give aid in removing this threat. Explore the dangerous caves that hold timeless treasures. Flatten enemies with a massive fist, cause explosions of unknown powers, and retake the mines. Be prepared to be surrounded by groups of beasts that have been enhanced by the crystals. Eliminate all of the vile creatures that lurk in the mines for the sake of your homeland and wealth.

Blood Crystals is a 3D tile-based, dungeon crawler. Since gameplay will take place in real-time enemies will have attack ranges that require the player to always be wary of their positioning. There are other abilities that can be retrieved inside the caves that were left by warriors of the past.


Blood_Crystals_Mac_Build.zip 28 MB
Blood_Crystals_Windows_Build.zip 25 MB

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